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Mongolian Military Defense Society (BKhKhN), Badge for Contribution to National Defense, circa 1940s-50s.

Brass, enamels, 25.6 mm tall x 24.6 mm wide. Attractive design featuring a horse rider and crossed PPSh submachine- gun and rifle. The Cyrillic inscription on the flags is БНМАУ БХХН ("BNMAU BKhKhN") which apparently stands for Mongolian People's Republic Society for Defense Work. The red star at the top is the Mongolian People's Army emblem, indicating the military origin of the organization.

In very fine to excellent condition, very uncommon for this badge. The enamels appear to be perfect to the unaided eye, although close examination with a magnifying glass reveals a couple of tiny scratches and microscopic contact marks. The red enamel on the flags in particular is free of any noticeable damage, and retains beautiful translucency and luster. The details of the rider are nicely preserved and crisp. The pin attachment is intact.

The exact purpose of this early organization is unknown. It was probably similar to the Soviet OSOAVIAKhIM although unlike the Soviet civil defense and military training organizations, its membership was limited to only military men.

/A. Battushig, "Mongolian Orders, Medals & Badgers" p. 82, fig. C-34/.

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