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Kaliningrad Merchant Fleet School of the Ministry for Fishing Industry (KMU / MVIMU), graduation badge, 30th Anniversary issue, circa 1982.

Brass, nickel plating, enamels; 52.8 x 27.5 mm. The central emblem with sailing ship, plaque with abbreviation КМУ ("KMU") and Soviet state seal are separate, superimposed pieces. The abbreviated old name of the school МВИМУ ("MVIMU") is near the top, above the red flag. Note the numeral "30" below the central medallion.

The badge is in excellent condition. The screw post is approx. 6.5 mm long. Comes with original screw plate. This Kaliningrad merchant fleet school, formerly located in Murmansk and known as MVIMU, was reportedly founded in 1952. Many of its graduation classes ordered badges of their own unique design, hence a number of variations of the graduation badges for this school can be found. The 30th anniversary issue is especially interesting because unlike others, it mentions the previous name of the school.

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