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Medal (Honorary Badge) for Excellence in Socialist Competition of the Defense Industry of the USSR, with a document, 1988 issue.

The Badge is in nickel plated and gilded brass and "cold" enamels, massive, riveted two-piece construction. Late style circular logo of the Moscow Mint to the reverse. The quality is unusually high for a 1980s piece.

The document is a soft two page booklet depicting the badge on the first inside page. Shows that it was issued on 26 August 1988 to Yuri Olkhovsky by the decision of the Ministry and Central Committee of the Trade Unions. Shows Trade Union Central Committee stamp and facsimile signatures of the minister P. Finogenov and Central Committee chairman V. Lapshin. It is very interesting to see that unlike most other labor badges issued by a particular ministry or trade union, there is no specific reference to the industry anywhere on the badge. Likewise, the names of both the Trade Union and Ministry are carefully avoided in the paperwork making it sound almost comical: e.g. Minister Finogenov is simply called "the minister" - without saying minister for what!

Both the document and the badge are in excellent condition.

/See "Badges of Distinction of the Economic Agencies of the USSR, Volume 2", A Zak et al, page 349, fig. 15.3/.

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