Order of the Red Star, Type 7, Variation 2, Sub-variation 2, #3395921, with a document, awarded on 18 December 1956 to Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Suvorov.

Silver, enamels; measures 46.0 mm tall, 48.3 mm wide. The medallion is 20.7 mm in width. This piece features flat reverse and rounded tips of the arms. The mint mark has letters of equal height in both lines and flat top of the letter "D". According to the "Order of the Red Star" by Durov and Strekalov, it was manufactured in 1955 at the Moscow Mint.

In excellent, near mint condition. The enamel is virtually pristine - we were able to find only one miniscule contact mark under 10x magnification. The center medallion shows practically no wear; its details are exceptionally crisp. The reverse is likewise pristine. The silver shows extremely attractive, even patina. The screw post is full length, over 11.5 mm.

The document is a standard order booklet showing only the Order of the Red Star with its date of issue, 18 December 1956. Curiously, the date of issue of the document itself is omitted. The document is in near mint condition.

Lt. Col. Suvorov served as Deputy Commander of the 95th Mechanized Regiment, 27th Mechanized Division, 38th Army during the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956. According to the November 1956 award commendation, he led an assault group which captured an aerodrome south of Budapest without suffering any losses. The attack was apparently so sudden that not a single Hungarian airplane had time to escape. Suvorov also distinguished himself in the attack on the town of Mosonmagyaróvár near the Austrian and Slovakian borders. The troops under his direct command captured the post office, telegraph and police station, and surrounded the town hall. Suvorov then secured the entire town and "carried on the fight to apprehend the fascist elements". Based on the available service information, Suvorov joined the Red Army in 1936. He served on the front lines almost for the entire duration of the Patriotic War, from August 1941 through May 1945 and was twice wounded in action. Among his WW2 awards were two Orders of the Red Star, two Orders of the Patriotic War and an Order of the Red Banner. He fought at Stalingrad, stormed Budapest and ended the war in Prague. One may find it particularly interesting and ironic that Suvorov's first campaign in Hungary was in 1944-45, during the liberation of Europe.

Archival Research Materials: Xerox copy of the award commendation and award record card.

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