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Lot of 2 Greetings to Arutyunian, a Police detective and veteran of WW2.

1. Greeting on occasion of the 30th anniversary of Victory over Germany, issued by the MVD (Ministry of the Interior) of Armenian SSR, dated 9 May 1975. Measures 9" x 12", in soft red folder with inscription "To a Participant of the Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945". The internal pages show the monument to a Soviet soldier in Berlin and the badge of the Order of the Patriotic War. Named to Armen Tigranovich Arutyunian and hand-signed by Police Maj. General Patalov, Minister of the Interior of Armenia and by MVD Lt.Col. Melkumian, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Armenian MVD. The document is in very good overall condition, show only minor wrinkles and wear to the edges of the red cover.

2. Greeting on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Soviet Department of Criminal Investigations. The letter is addressed personally to Arutyunian whose name is typographically printed (which leads us to believe he was at least a high ranking police detective, probably a department chief or even higher level) and names him a "veteran officer of criminal investigations". Hand-signed and dated "19" October 1978 in blue marker by Maj. General Patalov, Minister of the Interior of Armenia. On the opposite side is the ubiquitous quote of Felix Dzerzhinsky "One can only be a Chekist if he has cool head, hot heart and clean hands". The document is in very good to excellent condition, shows only minor wear to the blank outer pages.

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