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    $150.00 Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Bagramyan, Twice Hero of the Soviet Union and Commander of the Voroshilov General Staff Academy from 1956 to 1958, typed document signed. This 1957 document is an evaluation of an Armored Corps General who was about to complete an advanced course of studies at the academy. Although the review submitted by the chief of the study program contained some rather negative points, Bagramyan recommended to keep the general in his previous capacity of a mechanized division commander. The document is in excellent condition.

    $50.00 Air Force Colonel General Goryunov, Commander of 17th Air Army, typed document signed and dated 30 November 1947. Evaluation of an officer who had only civilian pilot training prior to the war but subsequently flew ten missions to supply partisans that required landing behind enemy lines!

    $125.00 Colonel General Andrey Grechko (promoted Marshal of the Soviet Union in 1955), Commander of the Kiev Military District, document signed with hand-written resolution by Grechko on New Year's Eve, 31 December 1952. For several years in the 60s, he commanded all armed forces of the Warsaw Pact forces before becoming USSR Defense Minister in 1967.

    $150.00 Air Force Col. General Ivan Kozhedub (later promoted to Air Force Marshal), letter signed, June 1972. Kozhedub was the Top Allied Fighter Ace of WWII. The letter is addressed to one of the leaders of the Soviet space program congratulating him on successful completion of two key lunar missions. One of these was Luna 16 spacecraft which was the first to return a sample of lunar soil to Earth, while the other, Luna 17, landed the famous moon rover Lunokhod 1. The document is exceptionally interesting not only as an autograph of the top allied air ace of WW2 but also from the standpoint of history of space exploration.

    $70.00 Marshal of the Soviet Union Kirill Moskalenko, typed document signed on 30 June 1944 when Colonel General and commander of the famed 38th Army. Also signed on the same day by his Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen. Aleksei Yepishev - future General of the Army and Commander of the all-powerful Armed Forces Political Department. The document is a recommendation for promotion of a heroic antitank artillery major.

    $130.00 Vice Admiral Filipp Oktyabrsky, Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, typed document signed during the siege of Sevastopol on 29 January 1942. Earlier, Oktyabrsky had been in charge of defense of Odessa, and later in the war, organized amphibious landings at Kerch and Feodosiya. A very interesting and uncommon document from the early period of the war.

    $220.00 Iona Yakir, Commander of the Ukrainian Military District, typed document signed, January 1930. Yakir was certainly one of the most brutal Red Army commanders during the Civil War. Later an inspired military theorist who eventually became one of the highest ranking victims of Stalin's purge of the Soviet military in 1937.

    $370.00 Georgy Zhukov, typed document signed, 21 October 1940. The document is an official decree for the Kiev "Special" Military District concerning several officers of its Court- Martial. At the time Zhukov, the future Marshal of the Soviet Union and First Deputy to Stalin, had the rank of General of the Army (Four-Star General). In his capacity of the Kiev District Commander, he was coordinating the largest ever concentration of Soviet troops and armor in anticipation of the upcoming war with Nazi Germany. In excellent condition.

    $395.00 Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov, First Deputy to Stalin in WW 2, printed document signed and dated on 8 January 1951 while Commander of the Ural Military District. The autograph is from the period of Zhukov's virtual "internal exile" when Stalin sought to ensure that Zhukov and the other prominent WW 2 generals would never pose a threat to his hold on power. The document is an honorary certificate issued to a female pianist for her performances for the troops in the district. This certificate is far less common that the typical promotional or award documents signed by Marshal Zhukov.

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