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     Home > SOVIET ORDERS AND MEDALS > Order of Glory
    Order of Glory
    $9,800.00 Order of Glory, 1st cl., #599, awarded in May 1945 to a heroic combat engineer for the Battle of Berlin. In the opening hours and days of the battle, he under heavy fire cleared paths in German minefields and barbed wire entanglements for Soviet tanks and infantry. In the early months of the war, despite getting into an encirclement during the Battle of Moscow, this courageous soldier carried on the fight behind the enemy lines as a partisan. After rejoining the regular military in March 1942, he was appointed as a squad leader to an elite sabotage unit of the Bryansk Front tasked with wreaking havoc in the German rear (essentially an early version of the Soviet Spetsnaz). He repeatedly showed such excellent performance and valor in combat that he was recommended for an Order of the Red Banner on three different occasions. Almost incredibly, the award was downgraded each time to a much lower decoration: Medal for Valor, Order of the Red Star and Order of Glory 3rd cl. Nevertheless, he ended the war with all three classes of the Order of Glory and in addition, became one of the only "Full Cavaliers" of the Order to also receive a Partisan Medal. His award recommendations read as a truly extraordinary soldier's story! The order is in very fine condition, above average for a WW2 issue of the Order of Glory 1st cl.

    $170.00 Order of Glory, 3rd cl, Type 2, Variation 1, #67687, circa mid-1944. Early version with five-digit serial number. An attractive piece in very fine condition, with original suspension.

    $275.00 Order of Glory, 3rd cl., Type 2, Var. 1, #76373, awarded in July 1944 to a 19-years-old Junior Sergeant, a reconnaissance scout in a Guards infantry unit of the 3rd Belorussian Front. During the battle for the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, he was the first to storm into a village just south of the city where he single-handedly killed 7 enemy soldiers. The order is in very fine to excellent condition.

    $295.00 Order of Glory, 3rd class, Type 2, Var. 1, #86401, awarded a reconnaissance man of combat engineers battalion, for bravery shown during the July 1944 offensive of the Second Baltic Front that brought the Red Army into Latvia. Hours before the offensive, he made two forays into the no- man's land where he reconnoitered enemy defenses and cut a wide lane in the barbed wire obstacles. The recipient laterearned an Order of Glory 2nd cl. (#2922), Order of the Red Star and Medal for Valor - an uncommonly large number of combat decorations for an enlisted man! Comes with archival research.

    $240.00 Order of Glory, 3rd cl., Type 2 Var. 1, #235505, awarded in February 1945 to a private of a motorized infantry regiment in the 9th Guards Tank Corps. During the Vistula - Oder offensive in January 1945, he on a single day repaired five breaks in the telephone lines and thus maintained the link for the forward observation post which resulted in highly accurate artillery fire. On the same day, he also single-handedly killed three enemy soldiers. The award is in very fine to excellent condition and includes original suspension. Comes with archival research.

    $45.00 "Soldier's Glory", Volume 5. I. Roschin. C. 1981, Moscow. Russian text, hard cover, 285 pp. The book contains essays about 70 recipients of the Order of Glory, 1st cl. accompanied by their photos. This scarce out-of-print reference is great supplement to the standard reference guide or information that can be found online.

    $35.00 "Soldier's Glory", Volume 6. I. Roschin. C. 1982, Moscow. Russian text, hard cover, 255 pp.

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