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     Home > SOVIET ORDERS AND MEDALS > Order of the Red Banner
    Order of the Red Banner
    $9,950.00 Large certificate for Honorary Revolutionary Weapon, a sword with the Order of the Red Banner of RSFSR inserted in the handle. One of only 21 Revolutionary Honor Edged Weapons ever issued.

    $1,850.00 Order of the Red Banner, Type 1, Var. 2, Sub- var. 3 ("Mirror Reverse"), #13389, awarded in May 1940 to a reconnaissance officer for the storming of the Mannerheim Line during the Winter War against Finland. The recipient served with distinction throughout the rest of WW2 earning an Order of the Red Star at Stalingrad and two Orders of the Patriotic War 2nd cl., one for the crossing of the Dnieper in 1943 and another for the attack against Japan in 1945. The order is in good overall condition, with the usual enamel losses but never converted to suspension - very respectable for a Type 1 "Mirror Back" Red Banner. Includes original screw plate. Comes with comprehensive archival research.

    $995.00 Order of the Red Banner, Type 2, Var. 3, Sub-var. 1, #46539, awarded to a reconnaissance scout platoon commander for ambushing a Finnish recon detachment in no man's land in Karelia in April 1944. He personally killed 3 enemy scouts in the skirmish that resulted in total annihilation of the enemy group. The award is a very interesting late issue screw back that was customized to wear on suspension without completely removing the screw post. The obverse is in fine condition, free of enamel repairs. Comes with comprehensive archival research.

    $1,600.00 Order of the Red Banner, Type 2, Var. 3, Sub-var. 2, #73290, awarded in August 1941 to Junior Lieutenant Nikolay Reva, an SB bomber pilot, for completing 8 combat missions in the first days of the war during the Battle of Bialystok - Minsk, mostly during daylight hours. He had to repel repeated attacks of enemy fighters and on one of his missions targeting German tanks, was wounded but nevertheless managed to land his aircraft on a friendly airfield. Although he remained on active duty for the duration of the war, he had no other awards, probably due to being no longer fit for service in aviation. The award itself is an interesting case: while it is among the earliest Orders of the Red Banner bestowed during the Patriotic War, it is a late-version "screw back" physically issued to its recipient only a couple of years after the award decree. The order is in fine to very fine condition, much better than the average for a Type 2 "screw back". Comes with archival research.

    $680.00 Order of the Red Banner, Type 4, Var. 1, #110003, awarded in May 1944 to a Yak-7b fighter pilot for completing 38 highly successful combat flights. Twelve of his sorties for aerial reconnaissance, while most of rest were to provide aerial cover to Il-2 Shturmoviks, a mission he always fulfilled perfectly. In very fine condition, an attractive piece with a lot of character. Comes with archival research.

    $5,800.00 Order of the Red Banner, 2nd award, Type 2, Var. 2 (screw back with Monetnyi Dvor mint mark), #1370, awarded in November 1942 to a Sergeant Major, a rear gunner / radio operator of a Pe-2 dive bomber of the Kalinin Front. By September 1942, he had completed a total of 151 combat missions, most of them for aerial reconnaissance. On one of his early missions of the war he shot down a German fighter with assistance of two other gunners of his bomber group. The fact that he was decorated with a Second Order of the Red Banner is an exceptionally rare case: almost all recipients of consecutive Red Banner awards were commissioned officers, not NCOs. The decoration itself is a beautiful early piece with some highly uncommon features. Comes with archival research.

    $5,900.00 Order of the Red Banner, 2nd award, Type 2, Var. 2 (Monetnyi Dvor screw back), #2395, August 1943 issue to a bomber pilot and commander of a night bomber regiment. He flew a total of 254 combat missions - many of them in support of the Soviet ground troops during the battle of Kursk. The order is fine to very fine condition, with minor repairs to enamel but never converted to suspension. Comes with comprehensive archival research and English translation.

    $940.00 Order of the Red Banner, 2nd award, Type 5, Var. 2, #22159, circa 1952-53. In near mint condition - literally a flawless example.

    $2,250.00 Order of the Red Banner 3rd award, Type 5, Var. 1, Sub-var. 2 (Durov & Strekalov classification), #7165, circa early 1950s. This is a very scarce version of the 3rd Red Banner: only 500 specimens were ever produced. Excellent example.

    $5,800.00 Order of the Red Banner 4th Award, Type 5, Var. 1, #2058, awarded in 1952 to an Air Force Major General, a Hero of the Soviet Union who had earned a Hero Star in the 1939-40 Winter War against Finland. In 1937-38 he flew 113 combat missions on a TB bomber in the Spanish Civil War. In the early part of the Patriotic War he commanded a bomber regiment and took part in nearly all the major defensive battles including Leningrad, Polar Region, Moscow, Caucasus, and Stalingrad. He continued to fly combat sorties throughout the war to train and lead other pilots, and by the V-Day had added 73 combat missions to his already impressive pre-war tally. After the war, he continued to serve in the Air Force, graduated from the General Staff Academy and in 1953, took part in the purge of the Air Force of the Moscow District following the arrest of its commander Vasiliy Stalin (son of late Joseph Stalin.) Eventually he rose to an Air Corps commander and retired only in 1973 having the rank of Lieutenant General.
    The order is in excellent condition. Comes with archival research and copy of the article about the article about the recipient in the catalog "Heroes of the Soviet Union". A scarce fourth consecutive Red Banner award to an extremely interesting individual!

    $65.00 "The Order of the Red Banner" Durov, Strekalov, C. 2006, Moscow, Russian text. This landmark reference is a required reading for the serious collector of Soviet awards and is unlikely to be surpassed.

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