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    Battle of STALINGRAD
    $130.00 Medal for the Defense of Stalingrad, Variation 1, 1940s issue. In excellent condition and includes original suspension. This is one of the better examples we've had in the past few years.

    $170.00 Award Document for a Defense of Stalingrad Medal, January 1944 issue to a Jewish recipient, a deputy battery commander in an antitank (light) artillery regiment. Comes with a copy of the Stalingrad Medal recipient roll of his unit from the Russian military archives. In good condition.

    $575.00 Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd cl., Type 2, "flat reverse" Leningrad Mint variation, #894343, with award document (order booklet), belatedly awarded in May 1951 for the Battle of Stalingrad to a retired artillery junior lieutenant, formerly of the 84th Rifle Division, Stalingrad Front. He lost his leg after being severely wounded by a German bullet in early January 1943 during the final phases of the battle, just before the beginning of the Operation Koltso ("Ring"). In excellent condition.

    $75.00 "Calendar of Notable Events, 76th 'Chernigov' Guards Rifle Division", circa 1945.

    $15.00 Soviet Information Bureau Daily War Communique, Soviet Stalingrad counteroffensive.

    $25.00 Badge of a Veteran of the 64th / 7th Guards Army, uncommon and relatively early Moscow Mint issue, circa 1970s. In excellent condition.

    $20.00 Badge of a Veteran of the 116th Rifle Division, circa 1970s. Attractive and unusually large badge showing the famous Stalingrad monument of Motherland calling to arms. As part of the 66th Army, Don Front, the division played a prominent role in the destruction of the German 6th Army trapped in Stalingrad. In August 1943, it spearheaded the liberation of Kharkov and was given the honorific title of "Khrakovskaya" for this achievement.

    $95.00 Badge of a Veteran of the 7th Guards "Stalingrad" Motorized Rifle Brigade, late 1970s -1980s. This unit fought at Stalingrad under the name 38th Motorized Rifle Brigade first under the 62nd Army and then 64th Army; it was promoted soon thereafter to Guards brigade for its role in the battle. The brigade is famous for capturing Field Marshal Paulus in the last days of the battle. In excellent condition.

    $20.00 Veteran's Badge in Commemoration of the 35th Anniversary of the 8th Air Army, 1977 Issue. In very fine to excellent condition.

    $20.00 Badge of a Veteran of the 8th / 1st Air Armies, circa 1970s - 80s. In excellent condition.

    $20.00 Badge of a Veteran of the 16th Air Army, circa 1970s - 80s. In very fine to excellent condition.

    $30.00 Badge of a Veteran of the 17th Air Army, 1975 Issue.

    $20.00 Badge of a Veteran of the 289th Ground Attack / Bomber Aviation Division, issued on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the unit in 1992. The division, then under the 8th Air Army, played a prominent role in all phases of the Battle of Stalingrad.

    $190.00 Monument to Two Wounded Soviet Soldiers in Stalingrad, statuette in Silumin (bronze and aluminum alloy), 1968. The statue depicts gravely wounded Soviet soldiers making the last defiant stand. This piece is nicely inscribed with the name of the veteran who received it as a gift on the 25th anniversary of Soviet victory at Stalingrad. In excellent condition.

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