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     Home > SOVIET MILITARIA > Soviet Military Equipment, Cold War Era
    Soviet Military Equipment, Cold War Era
    $450.00 Soviet Navy Star Globe in original Wood Case of issue. Complete with 1965 dated factory specification plate and small certificate in the inside lid. Overall in very good to excellent condition. Classic navigational instrument as issued to Soviet submarines and surface ships for nighttime navigation. Very scarce and attractive naval item.

    $85.00 Small Soviet Navy Compass, type as used in landing boats and other small craft. Unmarked, probably 1960s.

    $130.00 Officer shoes, late 1940s through 1950s. Excellent quality, unissued.

    $90.00 Army / Air Force dress belt with dagger hangers for a full dress / parade uniform of a Full Colonel, 1960s-80s. This highly uncommon belt is in gold brocade of the same quality as Generals / Admirals belts was allowed only for full colonels, whereas lower ranking officers used belts in softer gold cloth. During much of the Cold War, Soviet Army or AF officers would use this belt with dagger attachments only for special occasions such as military parades or honor guard detail. In excellent condition.

    $55.00 Army / Air Force officer full dress belt with dagger hangers, circa 1960a-70s. An older piece in excellent condition, complete with all hardware.

    $40.00 Army / Air Force officer full dress belt with dagger hangers, early to mid 1980s. Near mint condition.

    $15.00 Soviet Army Enlisted Man or NCO Field Belt, dated 1985.

    $20.00 Army enlisted man belt,1986 dated. Mint unissued.

    $25.00 Naval officer's full dress belt with dagger hangers, adjustable up to a 44" waist, circa 1970s-80s. Excellent, unissued condition.

    $55.00 M 1955 Navy officer service belt with dagger hangers, circa 1960s-70s. Well made piece in excellent condition.

    $45.00 Soviet Naval Infantry officer or NCO leather belt with Makarov pistol holster, in black leather, complete with leather lanyard cord, brass buckle with two prongs, dated 1980s dated. Fine quality.

    $90.00 Police private or NCO leather belt with brass buckle, late 1950s.

    $30.00 MVD Internal Army officer full dress belt, 1970s-80s. Noticeably different from the Army officer's belts and much harder to find. In excellent condition.

    $45.00 Tokarev pistol holster, WW2 pattern manufactured circa 1960s-70s. In lightly pebbled brown leather, with cleaning rod holders and magazine compartment.

    $45.00 Tokarev pistol holster, Soviet Navy or Naval Infantry issue in black leather, 1950s. Attractive piece in very good to excellent condition.

    $90.00 Soviet Flare Gun Holster and double pouch for extra flares, circa late 1960s / early 1970s.

    $15.00 Cold War Soviet SKS cartridge box, circa 1950s. Excellent, unissued condition.

    $4.00 Olive drab canvas canteen cover, 1970s-80s. Original Soviet Army issue, identical pattern to WW2.

    $15.00 Aluminum canteen painted olive drab, made in USSR, dated 1970s through 1990. Same pattern as WW2.

    $30.00 Veschmeshok rucksack, early model without an ID pouch, dated 1967. Military surplus from the era of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, in excellent unissued condition.

    $24.00 Veschmeshok rucksack, mid 1970s - mid 1980s. The design has not changed much since WW2, with the exception of some additional straps, an external pocket and a leather ID pouch.

    $29.00 Shoulder Sling for Mosin-Nagant Rifle, scarce version in leather, dated 1954. In excellent unissued condition. Good early Cold War item, scarce compared with than the web version.

    $22.00 Soviet Shoulder Sling for Mosin-Nagant Rifle, Navy / Naval Infantry version in Black.

    $20.00 Shoulder Sling for Mosin-Nagant Rifle, in olive drab canvas, circa 1950s. Unissued early Cold War Soviet surplus, shows storage age only.

    $35.00 AKS-47 assault rifle canvas cover, 1980s. Made for folding stock airborne version of Kalashnikov.

    $65.00 SVD Dragunov sniper rifle canvas cover, dated 1976. About 46" lengthwise, 54" folded. Unissued

    $6.00 Canvas Pouch for Hand Grenades, circa 1970s-80s. In excellent condition, shows storage age only.

    $22.00 Army Medic's Bag, circa 1970s-80s. In excellent unissued condition.

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