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     Home > SOVIET ORDERS AND MEDALS > Motherhood Awards

    Order of Mother-Heroine, Variation 2, #83336, with two documents and original case of issue of the Large Certificate, awarded on 10 July 1965 to Azizbike Veli Kyzy Mirzoeva.

    Order of Mother-Heroine, Variation 2, #83336, with two documents and original case of issue of the Large Certificate, awarded on 10 July 1965 to Azizbike Veli Kyzy Mirzoeva.

    The star is in solid 14 K gold, superimposed on five-sided sunburst plate in solid silver; suspension device is in gilded silver and enamel. Pendant measures 31.6 mm in height (incl. the eyelet), 27.9 mm in width. Overall weight is 16.3 g; the weight of the pendant not including the suspension and connecting link is 12.3 g. Features raised mint mark and hand-engraved serial number. This specimen belongs to the third sub-variation of the Variation 2, characterized by the relatively small font of the mint mark. The mint mark is located in the upper half of the medallion and features horizontal dash over the last character in the word "monetnyi".

    The order is in outstanding, excellent condition. The enamel on the suspension is absolutely perfect, free of even microscopic contact marks or flakes. The golden star is exceptionally well-preserved, nearly pristine: there are only a couple of tiny scratches, none of the usual dings or wear. Its apex and ridges are beautifully crisp. There is beautiful toning to the gold and nice, even patina to all the silver parts. The rivets holding the star are perfectly tight. The connecting link is original and has not been cut. In short, this is a superb example of the Order of Mother- Hero, practically impossible to upgrade.

    Award Documents:

    Large certificate for the title of Mother-Heroine, filled-out 7 August 1965. The 8 " by 12" hard folder is of the intermediate type, wrapped in bright blue leatherette with embossed Soviet state emblem and gold lettering on the cover. The layout of the internal pages makes it very similar to the large certificate for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Nicely decorated citation from the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on Shows facsimile signature of Anastas Mikoyan, who at the time occupied the post of the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet (nominal head of state). Mikoyan, a long time Stalin's crony, a Soviet trade minister for a number of years, and survivor of the Khrushchev's regime, held position of the Chairman for only a short time from July 1964- December 1965. Therefore documents for high titles such as Hero of the Socialist Labor or Mother-Hero that bear his signature are quite rare. The document is also signed on the same page by the Secretary of the Presidium Georgadze. The title of Mother- Heroine was bestowed upon Mirzoeva on 10 July 1965 for giving birth to 10 children and raising them.

    The document is in outstading, excellent condition. The cover shows only very light wear, much less than usual. , especially on the front. The gold impression has faded somewhat as is almost invariably the case with documents of this type, but it is still nicely defined. The interior pages are immaculately clean, practically pristine having only mild age toning, no tears or significant stains.

    The document comes with its own issue box matching the color of the smaller box for the decoration. The box shows wear along the edges, light discoloration spots, and some separations of the leatherette wrapping along the spine, but it is nevertheless sound and presentable.

    Mother-Heroine's ID or "small certificate", similar in format to the small certificate / ID for the Title of Hero of the Soviet Union. The document was filled-out on the same date as the large certificate (which was apparently the date of the award ceremony in Moscow Kremlin). Fine quality leather-bound 3" x 4" booklet with gold USSR state emblem and words "Mother-Heroine" impressed in gold on the cover. The small document shows citation from the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet and facsimile signatures of Mikoyan and Georgadze.

    Unlike the vast majority of the Mother-Heroine's IDs which were frequently carried by the owner to receive special privileges, this document shows practically no use. There are some mild impressions on the cover, most likely from the order being pressed to it while in storage. Unfortunately, the photo that was once attached is missing - a common occurrence with documents of this type (many of them never had a photo because most Soviet citizens routinely carried internal passports that served as photographic proof of ID.) Besides that, both the cover and the internal pages are absolutely pristine. The gold impression is extremely bright and leather retains beautiful shine. From other experience, Mother-Heroine IDs are almost never available in such a near mint condition.

    This relatively early Order of Mother-Heroine with beautifully preserved documents and two boxes make a truly outstanding set.

    Item# 31914


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