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    "The War between Russia and Turkey", stone lithograph poster, November 1914.

    "The War between Russia and Turkey", stone lithograph poster, November 1914. While a primitive monoplane flies overhead, a combination of Russian infantry and Cossacks decimate the Turkish army. Incredibly fantastic WW1 lithographed poster displays an almost icon-like lack of perspective.

    Medium size: measures 22 " x 17 ". Marked: "Cleared by Military Censorship, 13 November 1914." Note that this date is according to the old Julian calendar still used in Russia at the time; it is November 26th according to the new Gregorian calendar that had been adopted by most of the rest of the world.] Printed by Korchak-Novitskiy Chromo- Lithography in Kiev.

    Of all the Russians bustling around this fantasy battlefield, only one looks directly at us as he raises his sword; is it imagination that he bears a vague likeness of Tsar Nicholas II?

    The battlefield report at the bottom reads [please note, the dates are according to the old, Julian calendar, and the names of locations are transliterated from original Russian text], "From the Headquarters of the Caucasian Army, 22 October. Our Troops have invaded Turkey, overrun the advance units of the Turkish troops, and stormed and captured Zivin, Karkilisa, Pssinskaya, Akhty, Butakh, Khorun, Mysyn and Arzap. The Turks are retreating, taking losses and leaving behind their dead. One of our columns suddenly attacked the enemy at Ardost. The Turks fled, abandoning their wounded. Upon kicking the Turks out of the village of Id, we captured large stores of their provisions. We captured Alikidisa, Khorosan, and the Karaderbent Pass. Our mounted Cossacks ? valiantly attacked their trenches and cut down the Turkish infantry. Our column traversed 80 versts via difficult mountain roads in 30 hours and then fell upon the Turks near Mysun and Diadin, scattering a significant number of the enemy troops from Kurdish regiments, and then occupied the Diadin, capturing prisoners, weapons and war supplies. On 21 October, we captured Bayazet whereupon a large number of the Turkish defenders were dispersed."

    The poster's central image is in very good condition. The colors, while darker than many prints are unfaded and still quite fresh. The outer edges show the fraying and splitting typical of posters and prints that have been stored rolled and standing on their ends for over a hundred years. There are a few places on the outer edges were a small amount of sticky tape was once applied; we think that if the print is given a mat that goes directly up to the image, it would be possible to disguise the edge fraying. The alternative is to take it to a paper conservator and have it linen mounted. We find the Tsar-like officer quite interesting and a good reason just by himself to have this print suitably framed.

    Item# 31115


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