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     Home > SOVIET ORDERS AND MEDALS > Order of Lenin

    Group of 2 Decorations to Pavel Semyin.

    Group of 2 Decorations to Pavel Semyin.


    Order of Lenin, #26600, circa early 1945 issue; Order of the Red Banner, #173180, circa late 1944.

    Details and Condition of the Decorations:

    The Order of Lenin is a Type 5, Variation 2 according to McDaniel classification (Durov Type IV, Variation 1, Sub- Variation 2). In solid 23 K gold, platinum and enamels. Measures 42.8 mm in height (incl. the eyelet), 37.9 mm in width; weighs 33.1 g (not including the suspension and connecting link). Unlike the much more common Var. 1, this variation features flat reverse without the circular "dimple" depression in the center. The serial number is stamped in the upper part of the reverse, in the manner standard for this version.

    In very fine to excellent condition, outstanding a WW2 issue Order of Lenin, let alone scarce "no dimple" version. There is a tiny chip to enamel on the banner under on the eyelet, barely noticeable to the unaided eye. There is also a miniscule amount of flaking along the outer edge on the lower fold of the banner, completely invisible without magnification. The enamel is otherwise perfect, completely free of scratches, rubbing or other significant flaws. It shows beautiful luster everywhere.

    The details of the gold wreath and platinum bas-relief are perfect and crisp. The reverse is practically untouched, with nice toning to the gold. The order comes on original suspension, a WW model in steel with self-locking pin. The ribbon is old but extremely well-preserved and clean. The connecting link is original and has not been cut. Overall, this Order of Lenin is truly a beautiful piece: its couple of flaws are so minor that to see them, one literally needs to know where to look for them.

    The Order of the Red Banner is Type 4, Var. 1 according to Strekalov classification. Silver gilt, enamels. Measures 45.9 in height (incl. eyelet), 37.9 mm wide. Features the late style mint mark having the mid portion of the first letter "M" reaching only to the middle of the line (instead of the bottom of the line as on the earlier issues). Very distinctive relief to the reverse.

    In excellent condition, outstanding for a Red Banner of WW2 issue. The enamel appears to be completely perfect to the unaided eye and shows magnificent luster. There is a single microscopic surface flake near the upper left corner of the banner, but it is not easy to find even under a 10x loupe. The details of the wreath and flagpole are perfect and beautifully crisp, the original gold plating is extremely well-preserved and bright. Comes on original WW2 suspension in steel with perfectly preserved old ribbon - precisely matching its companion piece, the Order of Lenin. The connecting link is likewise original and has not been cut.

    The order booklet was printed in 1945 and filled-out on 12 December 1945. The only two entries in it are the Red Banner and Lenin, both made at the same time. The date for the start of special privileges is December 1944 which would indicates that the first decoration - in this case, the Red Banner - was bestowed in November of that year.

    The document is in excellent condition. Beside a couple of very faint stains and light scuffs on the cover, the entire booklet is pristine.


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