Order of the Red Star, Type 6 Variation 1 (Strekalov classification), #309518, circa late-1943 issue.

In silver and enamel; measures 46.5 mm in height, 48.7 mm in width; weighs 26.4 g without the screw plate. Features slightly curved up mint mark approx. 8 mm in width, flat edges and pointy ends of the star. The enamel is of beautiful light red shade; its quality is on par with the earlier "Mondvor" version and much better than most contemporary pieces. The reverse of this interesting specimen displays characteristic graining and wrinkles (near the tips of the arms) often referred to as "chagrin" by collectors in Russia.

The order is in very fine to excellent condition. The enamel fully retains its original beauty and luster, shows none of the usual significant flaking, chips or rubbing. There are a couple of miniscule surface flakes at the tips of the upper left and right arms, but they are nearly unnoticeable to the naked eye. Besides that, there are only a few microscopic contact marks completely invisible without magnification. The details of the center medallion are extremely well- preserved and crisp. The reverse is completely pristine. Both the obverse and reverse exhibit extremely nice even toning to silver. The screw post is full length, approx. 12 mm, and includes original silver screw plate.

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