Order of the Red Star, Type 6, Variation 3, Sub-variation 1, #695720, circa mid- to late-1944.

Silver, enamels; measures 47.5 mm in height, 49.5 mm in width; weighs 30.3 g without the screw plate. The enamel is of beautiful quality reminiscent of the earlier versions such as "Mondvor". This specimen has very interesting grainy surface of the reverse (or "shagreen" as it's referred to by collectors in Russia) occasionally encountered on the early pieces. Features flared edges and well pronounced depression to the reverse of the hammer and sickle emblem. The mint mark is in very small font, with slightly curved up upper line.

In very fine to excellent condition. The enamel retains its trademark luster and translucency; it appears almost perfect to the unaided eye, although there are some minor scratches and tiny contact marks throughout - none of them easily noticeable without a loupe. There are no penetrating chips, significant flaking or rubbing. The center medallion shows only a few dings and minimal wear to the high points; its raised details are still nicely preserved. Attractive toning to silver on both sides. The screw post is nearly 12.5 mm long, has not been shortened. Original WW2 era screw plate in silver is included.

Overall, this is a very attractive relatively early piece. Unlike majority of the Orders of the Red Star awarded after early November 1944, this piece is much more likely to be for combat than length of service (we haven't attempted to research it through the archives.)

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