Group of Five Miniature Breast Stars for Imperial Russian Orders, mounted on a single chain, late XIX - early XX C.
Includes Stars for Order of St. Andrew the First-Called; Order of St. Vladimir, Military Division (with swords), 1st cl.; Order of St. Alexander Nevsky; Order of St. Anne, 1st cl.; and Order of St. Stanislaus, 1st cl.

The decorations are in silver gilt and enamels, ranging in width from 17.0 mm (St. Stanislaus) to 17.6 mm (St. Vladimir.) They are of extremely high quality, with details well-executed and mottos legible despite the small size. The medallions are separate superimposed parts on all five pieces, while the gilded swords of St. Vladimir star are also separate, exactly as they would be on a full-size decoration. Although unmarked, the decorations are clearly by the same maker and were probably commissioned at the same time. The fob-like chain, albeit unmarked, appears to be in solid gold. It has provisions for six additional decorations, most of them non-Russian judging by the order in which they appear on the chain. The overall length of the chain is 180 mm end-to-end when fully extended.

The entire set is in excellent condition. The enamel on the stars is free of noticeable damage or wear. The gilt finish is clearly visible despite the attractive silver patina.

The extremely high level of decorations in the group leaves no doubt that its original owner was a member of the innermost circle of top military officials surrounding Nicholas II and very possibly a member of the emperor's household. Any original miniatures of top-level orders such as St. Andrew or St. Alexander Nevsky - and especially St. Vladimir 1st cl. with swords - are very rare. Coming as a set of five to the same recipient, they are practically unique. This superb group can be truly a highlight of a sophisticated Russian collection.

Please note, penny in our photo is for size reference.

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