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Badge of a Veteran of the 1941 Defense of Gangut (Hanko) Naval Base, #426, circa late 1960s - early 70s.

In aluminum, paint and lacquer; medallion is 37.8 mm tall (incl. eyelet), 35.9 mm wide. The reverse has raised inscription "164 Days of Defense" and engraved serial number. The reverse of the suspension has raised logo of the Lenemalyer Factory in Leningrad.

In excellent condition. The paint and lacquer finish are perfect, free of significant wear of any kind. The attachment of the pint to its base is skewed off center, apparently a manufacturing flaw, but the pin is sound and fully functional.

Gangut is the Russian name for Hanko Peninsula in Finland and the naval base that the Soviets had acquired there following the 1939-40 "Winter War". Despite the disastrous losses suffered by the Soviet Baltic Fleet in the first weeks of the German Blitzkrieg, the base had remained fully operational and a real thorn in the side of both the Germans and Finns for quite a while. The Soviet sailors even used it to launch several amphibious assaults on neighboring islands and only left the isolated base in late November - early December 1941. The five-month long defense and operations of the base - and the unprecedented, icebreaker-led evacuation of its 25000-men strong army garrison - became legendary, a matter of pride for generations of Russian sailors. The serial-numbered version of the badge was issued exclusively to the surviving participants of the battle and is quite rare (the more common unnumbered badges were probably given to naval command and support personnel; we have already seen some of them with added fake numbers.)

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