Medal of Honored Medical Doctor of RSFSR, 1975-1995.

In silver-plated and gilded brass; riveted 2-piece construction. The medallion measures 31.9 mm in height, (incl. eyelet), 28.8 mm wide. Raised maker mark "MMD" (Moscow Mint) of the early style to the reverse of the medallion.

Excellent condition. The gilt on the wreath is bright; the silver plating is nicely preserved showing only minimal tarnish on the reverse, no significant wear. Comes on original suspension with very attractive, lightly worn old ribbon.

The Title of Honored Medical Doctor of RSFSR was established in January 1940, one the first two Russian Federation honorary titles (the other was Honored School Teacher); it was bestowed by the government of the Russian Republic along the same lines as the "Honored" and "Peoples" titles of the all-Union level. The medal first appeared in 1975 and was then back-issued to all the holders of the title that had been awarded earlier and were still alive at that point.

/"Avers 8", p. 232, fig. 1133/

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