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Medal for 40th Anniversary of Victory over Germany, Variation 3 (so-called "Version to a Foreigner").

In brass, measures 32.1 mm in diameter, averages 2.7 mm thick at the edge; weighs 16.2 g not including the suspension and connecting link. The eyelet shows stamped mint mark ЛМД ("LMD", Leningrad Mint).

In excellent condition. There are no visible dings, scratches, or other wear visible to the naked eye. The finish is beautifully preserved and bright, with just a tiny amount of tarnish to the raised border.

Unlike the common issues to Soviet citizens, this variation of the medal does not specify on the reverse whether it is to a war veteran or to a labor front veteran. This version was awarded to top Soviet government officials who never took part in WW2, leaders of foreign communist parties, and foreign VIP visitors to Moscow during the anniversary celebration events. Some were also issued to allied veterans, including British sailors who participated in Murmansk Lend-Lease supply runs (most of them however received the regular, War Participant's version of the medal albeit with special Supreme Soviet certificate.) According to the recently published Soviet records, 8000 specimens of the "Foreign" version of the 40th Anniversary medal were produced in total.

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