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"Great European War", circa 1915 lithograph.
With caption of "A Brave Attack of the Russian Bogatyrs (Mighty Warriors) at the German Front," it certainly is not surprising that this print evokes grand Nineteenth Century military battle paintings!

Medium size: 21" x 14". Completely unmarked - no date or printer indicated.

From the way the artist has handled the details, we think it could date to the earliest months of the war. It definitely seems like an attempt to recreate the spirit of classic Old School battle paintings - similar to the ones that still line the walls of museums and public buildings around the world even today. Also, not knowing how battles in the new war would unfold, the possibility certainly exists that the printer may have simply wanted a stylized battle scene that would be patriotic - and sell well. The fact that you do have a couple of Cossacks sweeping into view on the right in a possible flanking attack seems to indicate that the artist was trying to cover all of his bases!

The print is in very good condition. It could almost be taken directly to a framer and left without any need to discuss special handling.

Item# 31113

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