"Hunters at Rest," cigarette case in chrome-plated brass, circa 1950s-60s.

The artwork is based on Vasily Perov's famous 1871 painting now in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Reverse shows two wood grouse (or capercaillie) debating if they have anything to fear from the three hunters. Measures approx. 4" x 3".

In excellent condition. Elastic retainers are missing but the provisions for them are still intact. The plating has stood up quite well over the decades, particularly on the obverse. The underling brass comes out only on the reverse on the raised points of the points, almost unnoticeable. A few tiny spots on the interior should probably clear away with a light polishing with a good polish like Simichrome. Latch functions perfectly and the fit between the two halves is also perfect.

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