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"A Skirmish near Przemyśl", October 1914 lithograph.

Medium size: measures 17 " x 23 ". Marked "Chromo-Lithograph I.A. Morozov, Moscow" in red on the left margin.

The artwork is clearly influenced by the Russian traditional "Lubok" style. It depicts an initial stage of the second battle for Przemyśl, specifically a skirmish in the early morning hours of 5 October 1914. Based on a newspaper report from 9 October 1941, the text at the bottom claims that the Russian took prisoner a whole battalion of Austrian troops including 15 officers and captured six machine-guns. Przemyśl, an important Austro-Hungarian fortress in Galicia, would prove an Eastern Front equivalent of Verdun. It was unsuccessfully attacked by the Russian army in August 1914 only to be besieged again in the early October of the same year. In March 1915, the Russians finally managed to take it after a protracted campaign in which they inflicted a crashing defeat on the defending Austrians. The completely destroyed fortress was recaptured by the combined counteroffensive of the Central Powers in the summer of 1915.

The poster is in good overall condition. The margins show moderate amount of damage, especially at the top, and traces of glue or sticky tape that was apparently used to display the poster on a billboard or wall. The artwork however is unaffected, and the poster will still displayed nicely when professionally mounted.

Item# 29199

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