Cigarette Case featuring the Monument to the Soviet Soldier in Berlin's Treptower Park, Circa 1960s-70s.

Chromed steel, 83 mm wide by over 100 mm in length, over 17 mm thick. Case features a view of the famous statue of a Soviet soldier holding a small girl with his left arm and a massive Crusader-style sword with his right. Two sets of elastic bands for holding cigarettes in place, either king size or regulars.

Very good to excellent condition with virtually none of the loss of chrome plating frequently noted on Soviet steel cigarette cases. Other than a few very minor blemishes, the interior is very clean.

The memorial and the cemetery were completed on May 8, 1949, the fourth anniversary of the victory over Germany. It subsequently became a focal point of some the DDR's largest annual celebrations and parades. Cases like this were undoubtedly popular souvenirs with Soviet soldiers serving on occupation duty in East Berlin.

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