"Front-Illustrierte" Soviet propaganda leaflet for German troops, very early example from December, 1941.

46cm x 58cm (when completely open). A one sheet, four page, Soviet-produced German language rotogravure newspaper designed to be spread amongst the invading German troops be any means possible. Torn edges and a small areas of paper loss typical for a war-time document of this nature. Good condition.

Fascinating example of very early WW II Soviet psychological propaganda. Later examples of this publication would sometimes make more of an effort to appear to be an actual German news periodical. None of these publications were very subtle, however: note the first page's "You had a Wife", "You had a Child.." and you're never going to see them again approach. On the inside, one can see that old press photos of Herman Goring's parties provided a perfect counterpoint to images of "Winter Fritzes" shivering in snow banks. The back page, of course, bears photographic reminders that the resources of the Soviets were limitless.

This example was most likely preserved as a souvenir by a curious Soviet citizen since hard-pressed and ill-supplied German soldiers must have viewed these publications strictly as a ready source of toilet paper.

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