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    Group of 3 log books of Colonel Dmitriy Petrov, WW2 Naval Air Force fighter pilot .

    Group of 3 log books of Colonel Dmitriy Petrov, WW2 Naval Air Force fighter pilot .

    1. 1939 - 1944 Log Book. Issued by the Naval Air Forces of the Black See Fleet, it starts on 9 August 1939 and has entries through October 1944. Contains detailed contemporary record of every flight. Most of Petrov's flights in Summer - Fall 1941 were to test newly built airplanes in Moscow area, mostly Mig-3 fighters. Later during the war he continued to fly test missions and transferred airplanes from construction sites in eastern Russia to the front lines. In 1942 he flew mostly Yak-1, Yak-7 and Polikarpov I-16 / Uti-4 fighters, Il-2 "Shturmoviks" and Yakovlev Ut-2 trainers. In 1944 large number of flights were on Lend-Lease Bell P-39 Airacobras and Curtiss P-40 Kittihawks. His first Airacobra flight originated in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia on March 28, 1943 - the plane apparently had been transferred there via Alaska. Later that year he flew Lend-Lease aircraft from the southern border areas. These planes were obviously arriving from Iran, after having been shipped around Africa and assembled on the Persian Gulf shore. Not counting two Mig-3 combat patrols in August 1941, Petrov's combat career started in earnest in May 1944, when he flew Kittihawk missions to protect allied convoys in the White Sea. He also flew several sorties on Yak-1 accompanying Shturmoviks in strikes at German convoys and made two sorties on P-39 to escort Catalina flying boat.

    2. 1951 - 55 Log Book. The opening page shows totals flown by January 1, 1951: a staggering 4663 flights, with 3354 hours in the air. By that time Dmitriy Petrov had flown nearly 30 different airplane models - from U-2 and U-153 biplanes to Tu-2 jet bombers. In 1950 he was given the highest qualification on Military Pilot, 1st Class. In 1951-55 he tested new airplane equipment on Li-2 and Il-12 transports and also trained and supervised younger pilots. An enclosed note issued by his military unit shows that the total number of hours in the air reached 4189 by his retirement in December 1957.

    3. Piloting Technique Assessment Book, 1939-1946. Contains detailed yearly evaluation of Petrov's flying skills on airplanes of various makes and models.


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