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    300th Anniversary of the Reunification of Russia and Ukraine, table medal, with original issue case, 1954.

    300th Anniversary of the Reunification of Russia and Ukraine, table medal, with original issue case, 1954.

    The medal is in gilded brass (tombac), 50.1 mm wide, 5.6 mm thick at the highest point, weighs 78.7 g. Manufactured at the Leningrad Mint, the artwork for this medal was created by medalists Akimushkina, Reznichenko and Khotinok. The number of issues is unknown, but the medal was awarded very sparingly, apparently exclusively to the Communist Party VIPs who attended the celebratory ceremonies in Moscow. The artwork and sculptured details are exquisite even for a medal of this relatively early period. The obverse shows a well-dressed young Russian man and his Ukrainian counterpart in a folk shirt shaking hands above the Soviet state emblem. On the background are Kremlin towers and the figures of Russian and Ukrainian farmers of the past era (the latter is on the right, easily recognizable by his traditional "walrus" mustache and shaven head). One cannot help but notice that the modern Russian is a "white collar" city dweller while the Ukrainian is still a farmer, and that the Russian is quite a bit taller...

    The reverse depicts the signing of the unification treaty between the Russian Boyars and officials of the formerly independent Ukraine in 1654. The writing on both sides is in Russian and Ukrainian languages.

    The case of issue is in Karelian birch, a traditional Russian material of choice for luxury items. Measures 90 x 95 mm, approx. 55 mm in total height. Extremely well made and impressive, this box is far nicer than the usual Soviet medal issue cases. The lid has superimposed silver plaque with raised inscription "To a participant of the jubilee session of the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR commemorating the 300th anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine and Russia". The bottom shows stamp of the subcontractor that manufactured the case "Ideal Workshop, city of Kirov".

    The medal is in excellent condition. The gilt finish is bright and essentially untouched creating a full impression of a solid gold piece (its impressive appearance to these days leads many to believe that it is made of gold). There are only a few miniscule dings to the raised edge that are almost unnoticeable to the unaided eye, but no significant knocks, bumps, scratches or other significant wear of any kind.

    The exterior of the box has some barely noticeable scuffs to the lacquer finish but otherwise perfectly preserved: free of the usual cracks or chips, and shows beautiful sheen to the wood. The silver plaque is perfect and firmly attached to the lid. Small pieces of wood housing for the hinge at the main part of the box broke off, but the hinge nevertheless remain fully functional. The damage is limited to the small area on the back of the box and not very detractive at any rate. The box is complete with its internal pad lined in plush maroon velvet (this part is often missing on the other surviving boxes we have seen.) The interior of the box is perfectly clean.

    A very scarce and impressive "VIP" set!

    /See "Commemorative [Table] Medal of the Soviet Period, 1919 - 1991", fig. 106 (identical medal in different size is shown as fig. 107)/.


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