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    Medal for Efforts in General Mobilization of 1914.

    Medal for Efforts in General Mobilization of 1914.

    Bronze gilt, 28.3 mm wide. High quality version by a private maker, with beautiful details and gilt finish. In outstanding, excellent condition. The original fire gilt is very nicely preserved having only mild toning which adds character. The raised details are essentially pristine. Comes on a relatively recent ribbon of the Order of White Eagle mounted on a cardboard backing.

    Est. February 1915, this is the last award medal of the Russian Empire. It was issued to both the military and civilians who had assisted in the general mobilization of 1914 and in the effort to rush the supplies to the frontlines. Starting from 1915, the medal was also awarded for significant contribution to physical training of the youth of pre-draft age. Swift mobilization of the immense Russian force in summer of 1914 came as a surprise to Russia's WW 1 Entente allies and as a shock to her German and Austrian foes. Contrary to the Schlieffen Plan, the German high command was compelled to transfer troops from the all-important right wing of their western invasion force - thus losing a very real chance of quick victory in Western Europe and dooming Germany to a prolonged war of attrition that it could not win. Arguably, the speed of Russian mobilization was the decisive factor that saved Britain and France from the immediate defeat in 1914. But it could not save Russia herself: throwing undersupplied and poorly prepared troops into hasty offensives led to devastating military defeats in East Prussia and put Russian Empire firmly on the road to the eventual military and political collapse in 1917.

    /See Dimitri Romanov,"The Orders, Medals and History of Imperial Russia", pp. 264-265/


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